Behavioral Health Services at Saint Francis

In Times of Challenge or Difficulty...

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Our Philosophy 

Our Behavioral Health Services include a full range of mental health and substance abuse treatment programs for all ages. Common to all of our programs is a dedicated, multidisciplinary team approach to developing an individualized plan of care for each patient. However brief a patient’s stay, we have a life-changing opportunity to build trust, intimacy and a healing relationship. The focus of our treatment is to draw out people’s strengths and competencies to assist them with coping more effectively in times of significant challenge or difficulty in their lives.

  • Honor every person’s intrinsic worth, dignity and self-healing potential
  • Provide care that encompasses the whole person’s psychosocial, medical, cultural, educational and spiritual needs
  • Empower every person to recognize his or her strengths and achieve maximum potential
  • Foster therapeutic relationships and healing based upon trust, empathy and unconditional positive regard
  • Instill hope and a vision for the future

The goal is always to help people see a brighter future and find their way to a more meaningful life.

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