Schedule a mammogram with same-day results


When less waiting means less worrying...

Every woman who has ever had a mammogram knows that, while the procedure itself can be uncomfortable, waiting for the results is the hardest part.  

That’s why at Saint Francis we never make you wait. 

National Accreditation Program for Breast CentersAccredited by the National Accreditation Program for Breast Centers.
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Same-day mammogram results are just one reason to choose Saint Francis. If there's a suspicious finding, you're concerned about changes in your breasts, or if you're worried about a strong family history of breast cancer, we're here to help. Our surgeons and clinical staff are available for follow-up consultations, and to provide ongoing and preventive care.

As experts in treating benign breast disease we remind our patients that 80 percent of all breast lumps are not cancerous. We closely follow women with a family history of breast cancer to ensure that, if genetics do catch up, problems can be detected and treated early. Women diagnosed with cancer benefit from the close cooperation of our breast surgeons with Smilow Cancer Hospital Yale-New Haven at Saint Francis, one of New England’s leading outpatient cancer treatment centers. Learn more....  

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