To Schedule an Appointment

Call the Sleepline at

(860) 714-6591 

The Sleep Disorders Center at Saint Francis is accredited by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine.

The Sleep Disorders Center
at Saint Francis

114 Woodland Street
Hartford, CT 06105
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Get started on the road to a good night's sleep
in one of three convenient ways:

  • Ask your physician to contact the Sleep Center at
    (860) 714-6591 to initiate a referral. In most cases, patients are referred to the Sleep Disorders Center by their physicians. Typically we request that a summary of the patient’s medical records be forwarded to the Center so that we may communicate more effectively with the patient’s primary care physician.

  • Request an appointment online.
    In some cases, patients who contact us directly may be initially scheduled for a consultation and/or physical examination by one of the Center’s physicians.

  • Call the Sleep Disorders Center Sleepline:
    (860) 714-6591.
    We'll gladly provide more information and help you determine your next steps. In some cases we may even schedule a consultation or examination.

Download and print this referral form which can be completed by your physician's office and faxed to Central Scheduling at 860-714-8384. Once the referral form is sent in, you or your physician's office may phone us at 860-714-6591 to set up an appointment.