Vascular and Endovascular Surgery

A Team of Experts

At the Hoffman Heart and Vascular Institute of Connecticut, a team of specialists with extensive experience in vascular surgery, interventional radiology, cardiology and cardiac surgery provides patients a continuum of care. Even our new hybrid operating room is specially designed to give patients and referring physicians access to a comprehensive system, including the advanced technology of minimally invasive catheter-based intervention, and surgical treatment for aneurysms and obstructive arterial disease. 

A Dedicated "Hybrid" Operating Room

Vascular hybrid o.r.It looks more like a radiology suite than a standard operating room, with its image intensifier and high definition monitors. In terms of size, it is almost twice as large as other operating rooms at Saint Francis. It is a new breed of operating room – the “hybrid” O.R. 

“The concept of a hybrid operating room combines conventional operating room technology with sophisticated radiologic imaging similar to what we would have in an interventional radiology suite. By merging these two technologies, we can do both sophisticated endovascular as well as open procedures in a single room,” said Saint Francis vascular surgeon Eugene Sullivan, M.D. 

The room can be used for the placement of stents in the carotid and renal arteries and leg angioplasties. Surgeons can view real-time, angiographic digital images as they operate. Previously, many of these procedures were performed in an interventional radiology suite, which lacked the complementary features of an operating room. When an operating room was required, portable x-ray equipment had to be brought in to provide imaging to guide the surgeon.

“The image quality is tremendously improved, and the amount of radiation exposure in the room is greatly reduced thanks to additional lead shielding,” Dr. Sullivan said.

The hybrid operating room has also changed the way surgeons treat some patients, sometimes allowing diagnostic and curative procedures to be performed in a single session. For example, a patient with a blockage in a leg artery might now undergo a diagnostic angiogram in the hybrid operating room, and then be treated with a minimally invasive balloon or stent procedure or, if necessary, a traditional open incision, all in the same session. 

“The whole thrust here is to try to make this a less invasive, more efficient procedure for the patient,'' said Dr. Sullivan. Read about our Hybrid O.R. in the Winter 2012 edition of BestCare Magazine 

Treatment tailored to your condition

The vascular system is the body's network of blood vessels. Vascular disease is very common and can be serious. It can appear in various forms: