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The Dental Center
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Welcome to The Dental Center at Saint Francis Hospital and Medical Center. We perform a wide range of dental services for preventative and reconstructive care. Our mission is to provide superior dental service, tailored to the individual, in a comfortable manner.

Outside of regular check-ups,
when do I need to see a dentist?

Regular dental check-ups will help your dentist spot problems in the early stages, before they become serious. But if you can answer 'yes' to any of the following symptoms, it's probably a good idea to schedule an extra visit soon:

  • Are your teeth sensitive?
  • Do your teeth hurt when chewing?
  • Do you have pain or swelling in your mouth, face, neck, jaw?
  • Are you experiencing bleeding or swelling gums?
  • Do you have difficulty chewing or swallowing?
  • Is your mouth often dry, and/or do you have bad breath?
  • Do you have sores or spots inside your mouth?

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