Nurturing Families Network

 NurturingFamiliesTeddyBearAre you a new parent or expecting your first baby?

Caring for your baby is one of the most rewarding things you will ever do. You are beginning a journey that will be exciting yet, at times, frustrating and difficult. Raising a child can be stressful at times. Let the Nurturing Families Network program help! Our supportive staff and volunteers will listen and ease your transition into parenthood. We will work alongside you, so you can be the best parent possible.

What is The Nurturing Families Network Program?

Nurturing Families is a voluntary service for all first-time parents residing in Hartford. The program helps parents develop parenting skills and reduce stress factors in their lives. The program is divided into three components:

Phone Support

Nurturing Connections provides phone support free of charge to all new families. Trained staff and nurturing volunteers provide parents with information on:

  • Health care, such as schedules for immunizations and well-baby visits.
  • Infant development.
  • How to find quality childcare.
  • The needs of children as they grow.
  • Community referrals.

This component of the program provides ongoing contact and parent support for up to one year.

Social Connection Groups

Social Connection Groups help parents and parents to be meet other, share experiences, and have fun! Friends and family members are always welcome. The group meets monthly and is free of charge. This supportive and relaxed environment provides families with a positive group experience. It is a time for socialization, peer support and education.

Home Visits

The Home Visiting Program is a free of charge service. A family must be enrolled prior to the first-born child’s 3rd month after birth. This service can be provided until the first-born child is 5 years of age. Visits are conducted weekly by a Family Support Worker.

  • The Family Support Worker:
    • Listens
    • Knows and understands the challenges of being a parent.
    • Provides social support
    • Teaches parents about child development and child-rearing practices.
    • Assists parents in identifying resources in the community.

What is the referral process?

A referral can be made, prenatally or after the birth of the child, by:

A trained Family Assessment Worker determines what component(s) of the program will best meet the needs of the family.

For referrals or further information about The Nurturing Families Network Program please contact:

Whitley Mingo
Nurturing Connections Coordinator
(860) 714-6967

Milvia Sanchez (bilingual - English and Spanish)
Nurturing Connections Coordinator
(860) 714-4739