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Spring 2016 Class
Spring 2016
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Spring 2016

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Spring 2015

Basic Fall 2014

Basic Fall, Bridgeport, 2014

Advanced Fall, 2014

Spring 2014Evening, 2014

Spring 2014Spring, 2014

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Hartford Class - Fall 2007

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Hartford Day, Spring, 2008

Danbury Class, 2008

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Bridgeport, Spring, 2009

Holy Apostles

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BridgeportHartford Class, Fall, 2010

counseling classBridgeport Class, Fall, 2010

counseling class


Hartford, Spring, 2011

New Haven Spring 2011

Hartford, Fall, 2011

Advanced Pastoral Care Class 2012Advanced Class, 2012

Affordable Care Act and You
Information and resources to increase your knowledge and to enhance models of care, practice, training and education. This will be updated related to topical information and specific models of service delivery, integrated care, prevention, promotion and recovery.

Mental Health and Substance Abuse Curriculum for Laity
Mental Health and Substance Abuse
Curriculum for Laity

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Pastoral Training AcademyA Training and Resource Center

Marcus M. McKinney, D.Min., LPC
Director - (860) 714-4183,

We invite you to explore the many classes and conferences offered in our Saint Francis Academy for Clinical Pastoral Training. Each program reflects the spiritual dimension of healing found in everyday ministry. Classes are open to anyone whose work or ministry would benefit from pastoral counseling skills. Lay people and clergy of all faith orientations are encouraged to attend. Certificates are awarded upon completion of our classes.

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The Saint Francis Academy for Clinical Pastoral Training includes consultants in medicine, behavioral health and ministry collaborating to offer a truly integrative model of studying and applying the heart of healing. Participants in our classes are exposed to important psychological theory and application.

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